Although it is termed as small, managing a small business is not a child’s play. Managing employees and processes together at the same time making sure that the profitability does not dive down can be too demanding for a small business owner. So the big question that every small business entrepreneur faces is how to strike a balance between both the fronts. Well, there is a silver lining and that comes disguised as mobile apps designed specifically for making businesses run smoothly. Here are some of the must have apps that you as a small business owner ought to have on your smartphone –

Google Analytics – Monitoring of the website traffic and data is crucial for small businesses and Google Analytics app for the mobile is the perfect option to know about the daily figures on the go. Google Analytics will help you know how traffic is coming to your website and how you can optimize it for getting the desired results.
Google Analytics
MailChimp – Nothing can undermine the importance of email marketing, especially in the initial stages of its inception. As a small business, you can not immediately jump on to the social marketing bandwagon and thus this app becomes great as it is free if you have lower than 2000 subscribers. Hotmail and Outlook make emails look unprofessional. Moreover, if you want to send an email to over 25 contacts, it will not work. MailChimp by integrating with third party platforms makes it easier to collect email addresses on blogs and social media sites. So you have a single platform for making announcements, sending monthly newsletters, as well as, website and blog subscriptions with MailChimp.
Mail Chimp
TripIt – This outstanding app makes traveling hassle free as it allows business travelers to track their trip arrangements at one place. TripIt allows users to create an itinerary that they can easily access anytime.

Geckoboard – By displaying company metrics in real time, this app allows businesses to monitor, analyze and rectify their business policies. Geckoboard is an easy and effective substitute for analysts gathering reports and information. With this app, you have the company metrics on your smartphone screen.

Evernote – When time means business, this is an application that is a must on every small and medium business owner’s smartphone. Evernote allows you to take photos, save texts and voice notes so that you can never forget a great idea or inspiration. You can search through keywords and access what you had previously saved from anywhere.

Before the smartphone revolution, it was hard to believe that information would be on our fingertips. This is an important growing period for small businesses as time, which is one of the most required resources, is in their hands now. As new apps are released every now and then, as a business owner it becomes your responsibility to keep abreast with them so that you can run your business easily and smoothly.

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