There are a number of things that can cause your computer to run slower than it is supposed to.  Problems such as spyware, viruses, and a poor security system or the lack thereof can make your computer run like a snail. 

If you don't currently have an antivirus or strong security system on your computer, now is an ideal time to install one.  The security program will find the source of the issue and protect your PC from viruses.
However, sometimes your computer’s slowness is caused a lack of available memory, not by any spyware or malware.  In order to maximize the speed on your computer, you should try to delete programs you no longer need, clean up your registry if it is bloated, delete your cookies and temp files, and delete your Internet search history.

If malware and/or lack of internal memory are not the problem, perhaps you should check your hardware.  Have you updated your computer system recently?  If not, updating your PC could and should speed it up.
Why Is My Computer Slow?
Guest Author: Erin Walsh is the Director of Public Relations for Boost Software. She is an avid blogger that enjoys sharing her knowledge with the everyday computer user, by helping them speed up their slow computer, clean up their pcs, update their registries, and identify and update drivers. You may find more of her blog posts at PC Health Boost.


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