One of the most popular inventions of the ‘80s is the Walkman. This was a huge hit for those wanted to take their music with them wherever they went. This portable device made it possible for music lovers to leave their home without leaving their music behind. It was their personal stereo, playing cassette tapes initially and CDs eventually when the latter became commercially available in 1982.

This hugely popular device was eventually replaced by digital music players that can store hundreds to even thousands of songs minus the heft and big size, making it even more portable than ever and easier to carry around. What’s amazing about this development is that as these portable music players became smaller and lighter, more and more songs could be loaded onto it. There are even audio players now that can be wrapped around one’s wrist like a wristwatch.
Portable Music Players
The evolution of this device, however, didn’t stop there. With electronic companies trying to outdo and outperform each other, they even came up with portable devices that could store not only songs, but even pictures, videos, and electronic books. Most of them can even be used now for browsing the web, taking pictures and videos, and playing games. Devices like the iPod touch are even equipped with a personal assistant that can help its user get certain things done like sending messages, scheduling meetings, placing phone calls, and even looking for restaurants via voice commands (know where to find cheap iPod touch).

And then, of course, there are the apps. ‘App’ is short for ‘application software’ and can perform an unlimited range of tasks. Many of today’s portable devices — from tablets to smartphones to music players (if you can still call them that) — can be loaded with apps that can help the user do anything from monitoring his diet to converting units of measurement to even monitoring stock markets. What’s good about this is that there are tons of beneficial apps out there that can be downloaded free of charge.

Truly, what used to be a carry-everywhere device used solely for playing songs is now a tiny machine that’s capable of performing literally hundreds of tasks, some of them even at the speed of light. We don’t know what else is going to come our way when it comes to the many benefits we can get from these portable gadgets. But we can be quite certain about one thing: they are here to stay with us for long, long time.

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