If there is one rule that you must understand all others as pertaining to your web presence, that rule would be that content matters. So often, people think they can throw together a few things with stock images and quickly jotted down details and they will have a successful website or social media page. However, this is about as far from the truth as it is possible to get. Your number one rule should always be that content matters. Why? Here is the answer.

The Problem of the Search Engine

It used to be that any writing could pass the search engine test. Because of this, people would simply stuff their pages with keywords and the content would often include little or no helpful information. Sometimes, the content would not even make sense. However, the search engines became savvy on the issue and they began changing how they recognized web content to actually punish the keyword stuffed fluff.

The best example of this is the Google Panda update, which has become infamous for the downfall of many a badly written website. With this update, a site that includes poorly written, keyword stuffed content will actually fall in the rankings. Alternatively, well-written content will be recognized and moved up in the search engine listings.

The Customer

In addition to the importance of well thought out content for the search engine, it is important to have good content for your customers as well. When people visit your company site, social media page, or blog, they want to actually learn something. They do not want to read misspelled words, useless content, and a bunch of keywords typed over and over again.

You need to make sure that the content of your web presence is actually helpful. It should include truly useful information that can teach the reader something about your business or teach the reader something about the industry as a whole.

Before you just assume that content really does not matter as much as the web presence itself, you need to realize the truth. All-in-all, content is more important than anything else. Quality content can bring positive attention to you and your site. Bad content could very easily drive people away. This means, when you build your website, you need well thought out and quality images as well as text. This is the answer to creating a site with Professional WordPress themes that people will actually enjoy and find useful.


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